Corporate presents

Corporate souvenirs are an important attribute of successful business. “Kristall Mechty” Jewelry house offers fabrication of corporate souvenirs and presents on the order request. Masters at the “Yakutskie brillianti” (Yakut Diamonds) plant will help in developing design, choosing material and shall make your wishes come true to the last details. “Kristall Mechty” is trusted by major successful businesses in Russia.

First TV Channel

First TV channel and “Kristall Mechty” Jewelry House are connected with warm partnership relations. Among the joint projects there are rating shows like “Two Stars” where luxury microphones where specially fabricated using precious and semi-precious stones for the winners. Also masters from “Yakutskie brillianti” (Yakut Diamonds) plant have also made prizes for “Star Factory 7” where the main prize was a precious compact disc incrusted with 76 (!) splendid Yakut diamonds, also in the years 2007 and 2008 “Kristall Mechty” made the capital prize for hockey tournament of the First TV Channel that consisted of Exclusive cups from silver using rock crystal and onyx which are now bringing success for our picked team. We are glad that design and quality of our products match the high level of the First TV Channel as this testifies once more than “Kristall Mechty” is an example of high quality grade jewelry.


Moskovskij Komsomolets

Most famous news publication in Russia knows that corporate presents require keen and individual approach. This is why for many years “MK”orders presents for its events at the “Yakutskie brillianti” (Yakut Diamonds) plant. For example for the annual “Business people”golf tournament “Kristall Mechty”is making precious prizes incrusted with genuine Yakut diamonds.


"Vechernyaya Moskva"

The messenger of capital life, “Vechernyaya Moskva”publication, is also a friend and a regular customer of “Kristall Mechty”. “Kristall Mechty” has made bracelets from the snow-white pearls with logo images of the newspaper for the transformation contest “Moscow’s Cinderella”.


"RESO insurance"

Insurance company “RESO insurance” is one of the leaders in the Russian insurance market. For the celebration of its anniversary the company administration decided to make special memo souvenirs for the employees and they have contacted “Yakutskie brillianti” (Yakut Diamonds) plant seeking qualified help. As a result of work pendants and links were made out of gold and silver bearing author’s design which consisted of company’s logos and slogans. It turned out to be very beautiful and stylish.

RESO insuranceRESO insurance
RESO insuranceRESO insurance

Frequent orders

“Kristall Mechty” Jewelry House makes frequent presents of any complexity. One of the last orders was the precise copy of the“Volga” car — handmade, 925° silver, aquamarines and rubies were used as headlights. Each element was worked up in detail. The model was fully functional: doors, trunk and hood could be easily opened. Interior has been also worked up in detail.

Volga car
Volga car
Volga car
In addition “Kristall Mechty”offers to its clients fabrication of interior elements, in the literal sense. One of the interesting orders was the book holder made from 925° silver on the base from natural malachite and with natural Yakut diamonds. It was executed in the baroque style and it will definitely complement the cabinet of the true luxury lover.
The book holder