Sberbank of Russia

Sberbank of Russia is the largest bank of the Russian Federation and CIS. It was founded in 1841. Today Sberbank of Russia is the modern universal bank which satisfies requirements of different client groups in the wide range of banking services.
Sberbank of Russia is the oldest partner of “Kristall Mechty” Jewelry House and after all these years we can say with confidence that Sberbank of Russia is the ideal partner for the business. Conditions of our partnership imply rendering of discounts to the credit card owners that are clients of Sberbank of Russia. If they perform any purchases using Sberbank credit cards in the network of Kristall Mechty jewelry salons they will receive a discount of:

10% for Visa (Gold, Business) Gold MasterCard, MasterCard Business;

7% for Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard, Sberbank — Maestro, Sberbank  Visa Electron.

1st TV Channel

First TV channel and Kristall Mechty Jewelry House are connected with warm partnership relations. Among the joint projects there are rating shows like Five Stars where Kristall Mechty has made a precious prize in form of a bunch of sunflowers from natural rock crystal, 585 carat gold, 925 carat silver and black diamonds. Masters from Yakutskie brillianti (Yakut Diamonds) plant have also made prizes for Star Factory 7 where the main prize was a precious compact disc incrusted with 76 (!) splendid Yakut diamonds, also in the years 2007 and 2008 Kristall Mechty made the capital prize for hockey tournament of the First TV Channel that consisted of Exclusive cups from silver using rock crystal and onyx which are now bringing success for our picked team, other spectacular prizes from the Yakutskie brillianti (Yakut Diamonds) plant were handed to winners of musical contest Two Stars from the First TV Channel that impressed contest participants as well as viewers around the country. This year Kristall Mechty again shall produce prizes for the current season of Two Stars show and once again it promises to impress with its originality of thought and magnificent performance. We are glad that design and quality of our products match the high level of the First TV Channel as this testifies once more than Kristall Mechty is an example of high quality grade jewelry.

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Moskovskij Komsomolets

Moskovskij Komsomolets

Moskovskij Komsomolets is one of the largest publications in Russia that is specialized on publishing critical social and political materials, economic reviews, city news, society pages and entertainment information. Kristall Mechty Jewelry House is collaborating with Moskovskij Komsomolets for many years. On frequent occasions MK helps in organizing various special offers for clients of Kristall Mechty acting as informational partner and on the other hand Kristall Mechty frequently supports various events organized by Moskovskij Komsomolets. Experience of cooperative work characterizes MK as reliable and highly responsible partner.

Zoloto Yakutii

Zoloto Yakutii is the first and largest stable developing jewelry company not only in Sakha Republic (Yakutia), but in the northeast of the country. Company has the history of successful development and professional growth for more than 30 years.

OJSC Nizhe-Lenskoe

OJSC Nizhne-Lenskoe was founded in 1994 as government mining and geological institution in 1997 it acquired licenses to use subsurface resources for extracting diamonds at Molodo and Billyakh deposits. In 1999 company starts to carry out extraction of natural diamonds. The rate of production increases every year and this allows us to see a reliable partner in the face of OJSC Nizhe-Lenskoe.

Beauty Salon of Natasha Koroleva

This summer on 10 Smolensk boulevard Beauty Salon of Natasha Koroleva was opened. It offers full range of beauty services at reasonable prices. Only the best masters from the capital that are professionals in their sphere are working in the salon.

Wedding salon Feya

Wedding salon Feya will gladly provide you with anything you need at the wedding day: from wedding dress to wedding cards! The following is available here: European level of service that has main criteria consisting of high quality of work and servicing. Consultants of wedding salon Feya will kingly help you in choosing wedding or evening dress, they will explain anything to you concerning fabrics, collections and advantages of one model compared to another. Exceptional surprise is offered to all clients of the Feya salon: discount coupon in Kristall Mechty shops.


Major car company successfully operates on the market from the year 1998. Currently the holding is presented by 32 salons in Moscow, 3 salons in Saints-Petersburg and is an official distributor of Alfa Romeo in Russia. Kristall Mechty Jewelry House has concluded partnership agreement with the network of Major salons in order to optimize its work with clients. From now on after making any purchase in one of Major salons you will receive a discount card of Kristall Mechty salon network. In addition you will be given illustrated prospectus about our products.

Charity fund "Gift of life"

Gift of life fund was created on 26th of November 2006. Fund team existed from much earlier date. During this time it was collecting money in order to help children ill with cancer with the help of concerts that were called the same way: Gift of life (2005, 2006). Problems of these children were explained in the mass media. Fund was searching for blood donors and money for medications for patients of Federal Center of Child Haematology. It also tries to simply make the life of children suffering from different illnesses a bit happier by holding special contests, trips and holidays for them.

"Vechernyaya Moskva"

Vechernyaya Moskva

Vechernyaya Moskva is a daily Russian newspaper, one of the oldest evening editions in Russia that was created in 1923. It is issued five days a week except for Saturdays and Sundays. Its difference from other newspapers is that it describes events on the day when they are not over yet. It promptly illustrates current events and details of life in Moscow, it covers all social layers and most professional and age groups of readers. Kristall Mechty and Vechernyaya Moskva are connected together through many joint projects. One of the most outstanding events in 2012 is the promotional event Summer at Canary Islands – the happiest client of Kristall Mechty was delivered for a week to the island of Tenerife, the ceremony of winner declaration was held in the Vechernyaya Moskva studio and practically has blown up the ratings of

Naked Hearts Fund

Naked Hearts

Naked Hearts fund was created by Natalya Vodyanova in 2004 after tragic events in Beslan. Fund’s mission is to build playgrounds and parks for children in cities of Russia. According to the opinion of Stuart Brown, the famous psychiatrist, the Game is one of the most important parts in childs life as it helps to escape from violence and despair, it helps to develop endurance and positive way of thinking. One of the honorary fund trustees is Yuliya Puzyreva who is connected with Natalya Vodyanova not only with bonds of friendship and similar feelings towards childs fates, but also cooperative work: in 2010 Kristall Mechty house has produced charity collection called Russian Fairytale which was invented by Natalya and all money earned from its sales went to the Naked Hearts fund.