About the company

The story of “Kristall Mechty” Jewelry House is the story of success. Today’s leading company is similar to any ocean originated from a small spring — a tiny jewelry shop which was opened in 1992 in the center of Moscow at Lubyanka.

Ideological mastermind of “Kristall Mechty” and its managing director, jewelry designer, gemologist expert, Doctor of Philosophy in geological-mineral science — Puzyreva Yuliya Nikolaevna, together with her partner in far 1992, using her knowledge, courage and beliefs in success decided to start her business. Through all her life she carried gem stone interest and Yuliya Nikolaevna turned her hobby into successful business.

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After eight years the first shop was opened it was obvious for company management that even though it was a risky step it was necessary to open their own plant as it is needed for their primary goal: creation of quality jewelry product using Russian raw materials which is then to be sold to Russian consumers. Due to this in 2000 the owned plant “Yakutsie Brilianty” (Yakut Diamonds) was opened. High quality of jewelry was the main priority at the production site and this allowed it to successfully work for more than 11 years. Plant staff was employed with particular care: its employees are high quality jewelry experts.

Today Jewelry House “Kristall Mechty” is one of the leaders of national jewelry business that exclusively offers jewelry with big Yakut diamonds at the Russian market.

This mostly became possible due to partnership agreement in the year 2007 concluded with diamond mining holding “Nizhne-Lenskoe”. After concluding this agreement “Kristall Mechty” became first company in Russia with a complete production chain: all stages starting from diamond mining and until realization of manufactured jewelry with diamonds are now concentrated with the borders of one company and this helped to make another important step towards consumers: maximum democracy for pricing policy.

Consumers are the main value of “Kristall Mechty”. Work with clients is based on the principle of maximum attention paid to customers’ demands.

Sales managers will always answer: which products are in fashion in this season and also you will be granted any help in choosing particularly what you like the most. Each purchased piece of jewelry is supplied with special certificate issued by our plant certifying its high quality.

Managing director of “Kristall Mechty” Jewelry House, Puzyreva Yuliya Nikolaevna, has always been placing social tasks not lower than any commercial ones, she is a mother of three children and clearly understands the meaning of charity: it is one of the most important goals of modern Russian society. That is why Yuliya Nikolaevna directly participates in activity of charity fund of Natalya Vodyanova “Naked Hearts” and she is honorary fund trustee.

In cooperation with Natalya the collection “Russian Skazka” (Russian Fairytale) was created that became a lot at the summer Ball of Love in Paris. All revenues from collection sales were used for constructing theme parks and playgrounds for children all over Russia.


The plant

The heart of “Kristall Mechty” Jewelry House is the plant “Yakutsie Brilianty” (Yakut Diamonds). It was opened in 2000 and it supplies product line of all “Kristall Mechty” salons for more than 11 years.

The plant staff consists of masters of various specialties: designers, casters, fasteners, enamellers, mounters. All of them are working in jewelry production sector for many years and posses rare knowledge skills. Plant is equipped with modern German equipment which is used by masters to reach highest quality of products.

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“Yakutsie Brilianty” (Yakut Diamonds) is the widest range of jewelry for women and men. If women’s collection is filled with refined taste and luxury, the men’s line bears strictness, laconism and modern style.

“Yakutsie Brilianty” (Yakut Diamonds) jewelry plant has been a prize winner of international jewelry exhibitions many times, it was awarded with diplomas for highest quality of jewelry and exclusive products from plant masters were awarded for their original design and recognized as one of the best by many jewelry experts.

In 2010 most popular jewelry models from jewelry plant “Yakutsie Brilianty” (Yakut Diamonds) took part in the competition “100 best products of Russia” and won it! From now on high quality and original design of jewelry is approved by Rostest.

The plant is also proud in particular for prizes manufactured for various project of the First TV channel: prizes for “Star factory” winners, new performers in “Five Star“ contest, cup for hockey tournament of the First TV channel, prizes for musical contest “Two Stars”.

Opening of self-owned plant became an important strategic step in development of “Kristall Mechty” because by significantly reducing financial expenses on overbuying partner’s jewelry management was able to personally perform control as well as restructure pricing policy with maximum advantages for the customer.


Diamond mining holding

At the end of 2007 “Kristall Mechty” Jewelry House has concluded partnership agreement with diamond mining holding “Nizhne-Lenskoe”. Extraction of natural diamonds is performed in Eastern Siberia (Yakutiya) by means of open-pit mining on deposits rich with diamonds in the sand.

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After conclusion of this agreement “Kristall Mechty” became the first jewelry company in Russia that has complete chain in jewelry production sector: all stages starting from extraction of diamonds and until realization of finished jewelry with diamonds are concentrated within the borders of one company.

OJSC “Nizhe-Lensoe” was created in 1994 as government mining and geological institution and in 1997 the licenses to use subsurface resources were acquired for extraction of diamonds at Molodo and Billyakh deposits. In 1999 company starts extraction of natural diamonds. The rate of production increases every year and this allows us to see a reliable partner in the face of OJSC “Nizhe-Lenskoe”.



What we can offer

For especially demanding clients “Kristall Mechty” offers unique works of jewelry art — authorship works that belong to high class jewelry masters. Based on the studies of jewelry products market, modern developments and trends, new collections of exclusive jewelry are being developed which unite unique design and high quality of performance.
Besides for extraordinary Yakut diamonds there are other best quality gems stones used in exclusive jewelry collections: sapphires, emeralds, rubies, tourmalines.
Most of our products are realized in single sample and this way it underlines it uniqueness even more.

Our favorite clients

Among the clients of “Kristall Mechty” jewelry salons there are many public persons: representatives of show-business, actors, politicians. It is especially pleasing to note that particularly in our jewelry company following people chose their jewelry: Natalya Vodyanova, Irina Bezrukova and Sergey Bezrukov, Natalya Koroleva, Andrey Malakhov, Marina Zudina, Oleg Tabakov, Marina Aleksandrovna, Tatyana Ovsienko, Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, Aleksander Baluev, Nikita Dzhigurda.
They have underlined kind and pleasant atmosphere in the shop, politeness and intelligence of the sellers.
Work with clients is based on the principle of maximum attention paid to the demands of the customer. Sales managers will recommend you the products in fashion this season and they will also help you choose the right product.